It's easy to forget what work goes on behind the scenes of a Parish Council, especially as much of it takes a long time and involves a great deal of persistent contact with external, local government agencies. Here are some of the successes that Easton on the Hill Parish Council has achieved since the last election.

Road Resurfacing

One of the first tasks that the Parish Council set itself was to undertake an audit of the state of the roads and pavements in the village. Street by street, the council took photographs and created a comprehensive report that was submitted to the highways department. Much lengthy lobbying was undertaken to get the resurfacing done in the worst places especially on the A43 and while the council appreciates that this is a never ending issue, particularly after bad weather, the mantra from the county council that there is no money persists. However, our constant lobbying finally paid dividends as the A43 was repaired redressed.

A hard 2017/18 winter has left our roads in a dreadful state. The worst holes have been finally repaired but there are still many that need attention. The PC will continue to get this addressed by Highways repair.​

Village Defibrillators - CODE for all is C159X

Easton on the Hill now has three defibrillators with a fourth in the planning. The currently installed ones are at the village hall, the village shop with the third provided by CIPS at Easton Hall. The fourth is planned to be installed in a redundant BT telephone box between The Close and the A43.

There have been many defibrillator training sessions since the first unit being installed and is considered to be a skill that should be refreshed from time to time. Should anyone wish to host a defibrillator training session, or would like to attend one please contact the clerk

Vehicle Activation Signs

Traffic speed is a regular topic in meetings and was a major concern in the Village Survey. Since the last election the council has procured 2 mobile vehicle activations signs (VAS), both were secured by hard-won Lottery funding. Deciding on where they should be sited isn't always as straightforward as you might imagine. They have been placed in the traffic hot-spots around the village but in every instance has to have an appropriate fixing point and it hasn't always been possible to site them where they would be most needed. LATEST DEVELOPMENTS - an additional fixed, solar powered VAS was installed on the A43 on the approach to the village from Stamford early in 2018.

Village Signs

It took 18 months, but after much collaboration with the Highways Department that involved considering local wildlife, two new entry/exit signs on the A43 have updated the first impressions to Easton on the Hill. The next phase in this project is the centrepiece village sign which has already been designed as a result a competition held in 2017. Funding for this is being sought along with the old A43 signs being used to raise target total.

The Village Guide

Following the Village Survey in 2015, the Parish Council undertook to analyse the results and create a vision for Easton on the Hill. The findings were based purely on the views of those who took part in the survey and took nearly a year to collate and publish into the comprehensive document that was completed in 2016.